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Home to four adorable mutts - Rylee, Baylee, Rodney, and Bosco!
(And a couple of kitties - Reese, Panini, Mushu, and Mojito.)

Photography by: joscie-rae

Anonymous asked: What are your lens <3


For lenses, I use a 18-55mm, a 75-300mm, and a 50mm. All of them are Canon products.

A majority of the time, I will use the 18-55mm lens.

But I was experimenting with my 50mm, which is good for portraits among other things. It was also the lens I used for my more recent bokeh photos of the pittie~ladies.

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yim-wai-hong-things asked: I hardly click on links beyond Buzzfeed itself but #11 compelled me to do so and leave you a comment... ... Because my own pitbull looks exactly the same like your Baylee, I had a major déjà vu moment!!!


Ahh!! Well thank you!! I’m very glad you did! And you know, I’ve gotten a few comments about Bay looking similar to other people’s dogs! It’s pretty cute - knowing there are some Bay-look-alikes out there! And if they look like Baylee, they must be some pretty darn good looking dogs. Am I right? ;P

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Anonymous asked: Hi! I was reading an article today on Buzzfeed about Pit Bulls and Baylee was the picture for #11 in the article. I pretty much freaked out because my dog (dog I take care of at a shelter in St. Louis), Belle, looks exactly like her. EXACTLY! I will I could send you a picture on here. I just thought it was funny and had to share. If I was able to put my email in the comment box, I would so I could send you a picture of Belle.


OMGOMGOMGOMG! THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME! Thank you so much for letting me know!!! I’m super excited!

And oh gosh, I would love to see Belle! I actually just opened up Submissions so you can send it there. And if not, you can email me! This blog’s email is ryleeandfriends@gmail.com

And thank you so much again, Anon!

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Agility Class #6

tl;dw: Warmed up on the course. Had trouble focusing on the weaves as part of the warm up and because she was super hyper last night. Practiced some more on the A-frame. (A-frame was at small dog competition height, which Bay was completely fine with). She just had to practice making contact with the yellow. Practicing with targeting. Some minor zoomies throughout the video. But overall, we did have some pretty good runs with just a few minor bumps! :)

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Some clips from Baylee’s fifth agility class! :)

tl;dw: Introduced the dogs to the chute! Did some course practice. Did some extra practice on the dog walk. More course work, in which Baylee refuses the chute a bunch of times before finally going through, followed by our best weave yet, and a successful chute finish!

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